Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services 50 USER Connections Key Global

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Brand: Microsoft
Status: In stock
Delivery:Key – Instructions will be emailed. Delivery time from 30 minutes to 6 hours.
Version: 64bit
License term: lifetime


This is a brand new genuine cd key for Windows Server 2016 RDS 50 User Cal
• Buy for 1 PC
• Lifetime license
• This product requires you to install the Standard Windows Server 2016 System already on your computer to activate it. The key cannot be used to upgrade Windows, it can only be used for new installations.
How does the purchase process work?
First, just pay with Pay Now (we accept PayPal and Credit Card). After payment, we will send the key and setup instructions via email to you. You check for mail in your inbox or spam.
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18 reviews for Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services 50 USER Connections Key Global

  1. Kenneth

    Good product, good support service. 5 star review

  2. Noah Lahman

    Product works, cheap. I’m using it and the key works fine.

  3. Anthony

    all are great, the win key that the shop sells has no problem

  4. Steven

    Great support!

  5. Zuckenberg

    I have ordered 3 products here. All goods are of excellent quality.

  6. Fortnite

    I made a purchase at buffcom and I have used it effectively. If you are wondering, you can buy it here

  7. Xenian

    Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services 50 USER This product seems to be a bit too much for my number of machines, but let’s save it, thank you very much buffcom

  8. Digger

    I used the store key, glad it worked. I will buy more if needed.

  9. Mslucy Heartbreaking

    I have installed all for the machine at the company Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services 50 USER Connections Key of the shop is very good

  10. Aarohi Sah

    test 1 key first, feel good, I will buy more

  11. Asterix

    Ordering is quite cheap and has good support. I will purchase in the future

  12. Highlander

    I highly recommend the product from Buffcom. Cheap, genuine windows key works well

  13. Jojo

    Buffcom is a reputable license key seller, worth buying

  14. Quint Miket

    I am an office worker, I need office key and windows, I bought it at because it’s cheap and it works well. We can buy and use.

  15. Rohit Mishra

    The product can be used on more than 50 pc, it’s a bit much, I’ll save it

  16. NovemberRain

    I have bought in many places, but buffcom is a reputable place, quality products, reliable. If anyone is still wondering where to find a place to shop, you’ve come to the right place at Buffcom.NET

  17. Rumaisha Khaliq

    The prestigious Buffcom.NET I have successfully activated Windows Server 2016 Key for 40 pc

  18. Ember Aiden

    I purchased several software packages and had noproblem with one of the “keys”. Thank you!

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